Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Just me.


VK Red is...
Véronicà "VK" Red Duvivier
Part English. Part Portuguese.
Living partly in (1050) Brussels, Belgium.
and the rest of the time in other beautiful cities of the world.
Master in Journalism, and Cinematographic Sciences (ULB, Brussels).
Post Master in European Arts (ULB, Université de Caen -France-)
Workshops in Photography (studio, lights, panoramic).
Workshops in editing (Final Cut Pro).
Workshops in graphics (CGI with Illustrator).
Sign Language Degree.
Screenwriter, journalist , photographer.

After some recurrent questions,
I decided to write some words for all the persons wondering
some things about my work/me even if all is said on my page.

1) My photos are all for sale.
Usually, there are only 50 prints in high resolution (50/70 cms).
Prices are fonction of the print you want.
Just ask.

2) I'm a self-taught photographer.
No photo-school concepts.
I'm just attracted by stories of colours, myths, emotions.

Photographer is a part of my job, the rest of my time,
I work in the press room of the European Parliament.

3) I currently live in Brussels, near a forest, with my two rabbits.
I love to write poetry on my old Remington typewriter,
high heels, 40's furnitures, tea (the ceremony of my afternoons),
to be a circus ballet dancer, black fishnet stockings,
red colours, my books, fragile orchids, old mute movies,
learn learn and learn always more,
and the lovely Audrey Hepburn.

That's all.


Anonymous laylacarina said...

de l'ombre à la lumière... bonne route Véronicà...

7:42 PM  

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