Monday, October 24, 2011

Lisse needs a cart.

Please, do me a favour and read this :
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Thank you.

EDIT 11/03/2011 can be read here :

Photos below taken with my phone.

EDIT 11/11/2011 :
As I suspected, Lisse has E.Cuniculi.
What a strange name for such a horrible disease.
My new vet is specialized in taking care of rabbits, so, hopefully, I won't be disappointed this time.
But with all this sad story with the old animal clinic, me bringing the proof that he had the disease and them not listening, I often find myself guilty for waiting so long before consulting elsewhere.
I'm afraid I have lost two months in the battle. And a couple of thousands €.

Lisse started the treatment to fight E.Cuniculi, he's doing ok.
My hardest job during days and nights is to keep him dry and clean to avoid bedsores and skin problems.
I can't be away too long or I will come back to find him wet with urine and dirty.
He's not really fond of baths but... It takes what it takes.
He's really patient and brave, and I'm proud of him for being this way.

Edit 11/14/2011 :
Lisse is mostly ok but his eyes are not.
He has too much blood pressure inside his skull and his eyes are swollen and crying all the time.

I'll bring him back to the vet on Monday.
I'll keep you all posted.


EDIT 11/20/2011

This is Lisse on his way to the vet :

We went to make a scan of his skull to seek the potential cause of his swollen eyes but the scan came back perfectly normal.
Which is quite reassuring, it means he has no tumor, no brain damages, . . .
But this means also that we don't know what the reason of his swollen eyes is.

The vet made a blood test and we're currently waiting for the lab's results.

Currently, he's sleepling a lot, taking his treatment pretty easily and he's quite ok.
He licks my fingers like crazy, this breaks my heart each and every time.
I think he's grateful.

Photos of the evolution of his disease :

09/19/2011 : when the paralysis started to disable him.

His spot on the sofa in the sun.

After his bath and very diminished.

Little little sparrow.

Still eating (hay) and drinking a lot.


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